Muse - Fighting Fate #1


After a life altering tragedy during her childhood, Mia Campbell is left with an incapacitating fear of crowds - especially angry ones. Now at eighteen, with her college life finally before her, she only has one goal: To remain unseen...


Jace Wallace is about to start living a rockstar's life. As lead guitarist for the newest internet sensation, Fighting Fate, he's rocking the stage - and a different girl - every weekend, and that's the way he prefers it. With the band's popularity about to explode to new heights, he doesn't have time for complications. Or commitments. He only has one goal: To succeed...


The only thing standing in the way of achieving their goals? Each other.


When unusual circumstances bring the two of them together, and one thing quickly leads to another, Mia finds herself proposing an arrangement she never thought she'd ever consider. A no-strings-attached relationship. But when feelings start creeping in, and their one goal blurs to include another, they're both forced to make a decision.


Sit back and take what Fate hands you, or fight for what you want. 

Hush - Fighting Fate #2


Kaeli Williams is hiding a secret. It isn't one she wants to keep, but with a stepfather as well respected as hers, she isn't sure anyone would believe her if she told anyway.

No one would believe what went on behind the closed doors at home.

Not even her best friend.

It's a secret that kills her to keep, especially because it protects him.

But she doesn't have a choice. She has to keep it.

To protect her.


Noah Murphy is hiding a secret. It's his job. But after eighteen months of working undercover as a drug pushing thug, he's ready for a change.

With everything on the line and the end finally in sight, he just needs to keep focused, stay on his guard, and try not to get killed.


But Fate, it seems, is not so fond of secrets.


When blackmail forces Kaeli right into the middle of Noah's dangerous world of hard core drug dealers, rapists, and murderers, secrets quickly become ticking time bombs, trust becomes a necessity, and protective instincts become primal.


Sometimes, Fate just needs to be told, no. 

Fade - Fighting Fate #3


Amy Benson has lived her whole life portraying the perfect daughter her parents expect her to be. With a high profile attorney father and an upper end realtor mother, image means everything, and Amy has worked hard to not disappoint.

Although painfully aware of her parent’s unhealthy obsession with social standing, she still believes, underneath it all, they love her more. But when her high standing boyfriend suddenly dumps her for not ‘giving it up’, and her parents start demanding she do whatever it takes to get him back, she begins to think otherwise…


Daniel Stephenson is a United States Marine, and as far as he's concerned, he has his life all mapped out. With an unexpected amount of free time suddenly up his sleeve, the plan is simple. Spend a long overdue summer with his mother and twin brother before deploying overseas.

What he hasn’t planned for is the douchebag his brother seems to have become of late, or the girl said douchebag just dumped.


Love is the last thing either Amy or Daniel expect to find over the long summer, but after the difficulties they’ve both faced over the years, it’s an unexpected bonus they’re happy to accept.

Until Fate decides to interrupt…


They both know love isn’t always supposed to be perfect and easy, but between parental disapproval, brotherly contempt, career commitments, and the country’s continuing fight against terrorism, how do you decide if you should keep on fighting or just give in to fate?

Wake - Fighting Fate #4


Emily Henderson is the preacher’s daughter.

It doesn’t matter that she no longer lives with her parents — or the questionable circumstances surrounding the sudden move when she was thirteen. To the townsfolk of Sunset, Texas, that’s just simply who she is.

But to Emmy, the lesson she learned all those years ago is one she’s never going to forget. If there’s anything she can be sure of, it’s that all men are ruled by lust, and they definitely cannot be trusted. Her best friend’s planned New Year’s Eve trip to Las Vegas is not going to change her mind about that either. She’s even willing to put her money on it.

Aiden Campbell is a rock god.

As the dark and mysterious bassist for the newest rock sensation to hit the billboards, life is as good as he’d hoped it would ever be. The band’s headlining tour is a success, radio play is on the rise, and his twin sister has finally learned to manage her anxiety without him. By all reasoning, he should be feeling on top of the world. So why can’t he get past the aching feeling that something is missing?

As much as he knows the full rockstar lifestyle of alcohol, drugs, and women can’t take the pain of it away, he’s sure the band’s gig set for New Year’s Eve in Vegas will at least numb it for a little while. He’s even willing to put his money on it.

But it seems fate is going all in on a different bet. . . 

When unforeseen circumstances land them both in a locked room together just minutes to midnight, the last thing either of them expect, is to find the one person who holds the key to releasing the pain of their pasts. The only trouble is, once released, will either of them be prepared to face what comes next?

As both their worlds — past, present, and future — set to collide, they both realize that hiding is no longer an option, and decisions need to be made. But will they allow fate to control them, or will they finally take the reins and fight for what they want?

Dream - Fighting Fate #5


Olivia Maxwell knows what it’s like to go without. After spending the last six years living in a shanty town in Uganda with her missionary parents, she knows all too well what true poverty looks like. And she’s never been more thankful. But as her home-schooled life finally comes to an end, and another missionary family prepares to move in, it’s time to head back to the land of the free and try something she can no longer avoid: Adulting.

But before she can face that challenge, there’s another one she needs to get through first. And that’s an entire summer, relaxing on the beach. Having spent all her teenage years working every waking minute of every day, that’s a challenge she’s not so sure she can handle, but she’s more than willing to try . . .

Joshua Emerson is a heart throb. He’s been voted Bella Magazine’s Sexiest Young Actor two years running, so it must be true. After five years of constant work, pumping out one teen romance movie after another, he’s ready for a break—not only from acting, but from the public eye too. All he wants, is to head to his beach house and spend the summer surfing with his buddies.

But what he doesn’t expect, is to find an amazingly gorgeous blonde roaming his private beach when he gets there. And what's even more unexpected, is the fact that she has no idea who he is. For Josh, that’s a phenomenon he hasn’t encountered in a very long time, and one he’s finding hard not to be intrigued by.

As caution is challenged, and chances are taken, fate intervenes and delivers a summer romance better than any script ever written. But what happens when fate demands the sun snap the final clapper, and the leaves to fall like summer’s last curtain? Will they take their final bow and walk away, or will they finally step up and fight for their time in the limelight?

Dare - Fighting Fate #6


For fiery redhead, Jess Montgomery, life is complicated. With two half-sisters her stepdad adores, and a brother who’s off making his mark in the NHL, she’s struggled to find a place she belongs. Making it even harder, is the serious case of ‘couple love’ that’s been spreading through her group of friends like wildfire this past year—something she and her boyfriend just can’t seem to match, no matter how hard she tries. If only he agreed…

Eli Murphy has never taken anything more seriously than his law degree. So much so that he’s sworn off girls until he passes the dreaded bar exam next summer. Not that it matters. There’s only one girl he’d consider breaking his rule for anyway, and she’s already taken. If only she wasn’t dating one of the most painfully egotistical guys in his class…

With graduation looming, Eli knows it’s not the time to get distracted, but when rumors start to circulate, and Jess’s reputation is at stake, he knows he can’t just stand back and watch anymore.

But what happens when fate wants you to choose between one dream and another? Do you buckle and take your pick, or do you take a stand and fight for the chance to have both?

Crave - Fighting Fate #7


Dean Thomas is a rock and roll heart throb. As the lead singer for one of the country’s hottest rock bands, Fighting Fate, he is sex personified. It’s not something he ever wanted, but with the bitter disappointment of a failed relationship still lingering in his heart, it’s certainly had its benefits.

That is until Eden Roberts walks into his life . . . With her honey blonde hair, and clear blue eyes that whisper sweet taunts of innocence, she’s a temptation that’s hard to resist—especially when he’d like nothing more than to break the rules put in place to keep her away from him.


Eden Roberts is the most ordinary person you could possibly meet. At least, that's what she thinks anyway. She knows she's good at her job, but ambitious? No way. Not in the slightest. Working for Leighton Records is the last thing she ever wanted, but she knows better than anyone that it's not always about what you want.

She’s prepared for it as much as she can—the long days, the mega star attitudes, and the cut throat edge of the next person vying for her job. But what she’s not prepared for, is Dean Thomas . . . With his warm, chocolate eyes that seem to murmur promises of ecstasy for all eternity, he’s a challenge she’s not so sure she can handle—especially when the rules state she’s not allowed to touch.


They both know the rules, but as tensions rise and cravings set in, they find themselves being drawn into a game of intimidation and manipulation that neither of them asked for—one where trust is challenged, innocence is broken, and the lines between jealousy and revenge don’t exist.


So, what happens when fate takes away the one thing you thought you really wanted? Do you take what you’re given, or do you fight for what you crave?

© 2013 by MAREE GREEN.

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