A Moment Yet to Come

ISBN 978-0-6481287-4-8

I thought I was strong enough. I thought I could make it through. I was wrong.

The night I lost hope was the night I decided to end it all. 

I didn't expect anyone to save me.  I didn't think anyone cared. Least of all, him . . .

Life hasn’t been easy for Harper Allen. At only seventeen years of age, she’s been subjected to more pain and heartache than most people see in a life time. With hopes for a better future long gone, she resorts to the one plan she never thought she’d need. A permanent ending. There’s just one little flaw in her plan, and he’s the last person she ever thought could be her savior . . .

Ethan Donovan is a rising star. Heralded the best amateur quarterback of his time, with every major college in the country vying for the chance to claim him, he feels like he’s standing on top of the world. He knows his future is an open highway, and he’s more than ready to take the keys and drive it. That is until one chance meeting on a darkened night pushes him onto a different road altogether . . .


It’s a crossroads neither of them sees coming, but it only takes one little moment in time to change a person forever. Some endings are really just beautiful beginnings in disguise.

© 2013 by MAREE GREEN.

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